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  • How long is each piano lesson?
    At Musicamaestro, we tailor piano lessons to the individual student based on age, concentration, skill level, and goals. We recommend a minimum of 30 minutes for maximum effectiveness and prioritize making learning enjoyable, especially for children. Our experienced teachers guide and support our students to meet their unique needs and goals, leaving them feeling inspired and fulfilled. During exam periods, we may recommend increasing lesson frequency and length for better results.
  • How do I schedule a lesson?
    After the phone consultation, if we determine that Musica Maestro is the right fit for you and that you are the perfect student for us, we will schedule your first full lesson over the phone. You will be given your teacher's contact information based on your preferences, and on the agreed-upon day and time, your teacher will arrive at your door for your first lesson. In the following weeks, your lessons will be scheduled directly with your teacher. While we offer flexibility in scheduling, we always recommend setting a regular time on the same day each week to establish a routine and achieve the best results. This is similar to a school schedule that remains consistent each day and does not change.
  • How often are piano lessons offered?
    When it comes to piano lessons, consistency is key. For children, we recommend at least one lesson per week to ensure steady progress, while for adults, we recommend one lesson every two weeks. In our experience, students who take at least 39 lessons within a 12-month period tend to achieve the best results. Our lesson schedules are flexible and can be adjusted to meet the needs of each student. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced player, we'll work with you to create a lesson plan that fits your schedule and goals.
  • Do you offer online piano lessons?
    Yes, we do offer online lessons at Musica Maestro. This has been especially important during the recent pandemic, and we have helped our students transition to online learning seamlessly. We have even held end-of-year concerts online for our students. In addition, many of our students who have relocated abroad have continued to study with us by connecting online. Our online lessons are held in real-time, using video conferencing software that allows our students to receive the same quality instruction they would receive in person. We are proud to offer the flexibility of both in-person and online lessons to our students.
  • Do I need to own a piano before starting lessons?
    At Musica Maestro, we understand that not everyone has access to a piano at home. That's why we offer piano lessons on both pianos and keyboards. We do not require you to own a piano before starting lessons. If you don't have a piano or keyboard we also have a rental program available. This allows you to have an instrument to practice on while you take lessons with us. If you decide to purchase a piano in the future, we have exclusive partnerships with some piano dealers and will be happy to provide advice to help you choose the right one for you.
  • What type of music is covered in the lessons?
    At Musica Maestro, our teachers have a broad range of skills and expertise across various genres. We take pride in matching our students with the teacher who has the most relevant experience and knowledge in the specific genre they are interested in. This means anything from Baroque composers like Bach and Scarlatti to classical greats such as Mozart and Beethoven, and modern pop and rock artists like Bruno Mars and Queen, we cover it all. We also offer instruction in jazz standards, contemporary composers like Ligeti and Stockhausen, and many other styles. Our personalized approach ensures that every student receives a tailored lesson plan that meets their unique needs and interests.
  • What are the benefits of private piano lessons compared to attending a music center?
    Private piano lessons offer several benefits compared to attending a music center. Some of these benefits include: 1. Personalized attention and customized lesson plans to suit each student's unique needs and goals. Our instructors work one-on-one with students to identify their strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement, providing tailored feedback and guidance. 2. Learning at your own pace, ensuring that you fully understand and master each concept before moving on. This individualized approach can lead to faster progress, better results, and a more enjoyable learning experience. 3. Flexibility and accommodating to busy schedules, allowing students to fit music lessons into their lives more easily. 4. Avoiding the hassle of commuting to a music center, saving time and money. 5. Classes at preferred times in the afternoon or early evening, so students can make the most of their day. 6. Providing a complimentary piano or keyboard for a month if you don't have one. 7. Preparing for music exams with our experienced and qualified instructors. 8. Overall, private piano lessons offer a personalized and flexible approach to learning music, which can lead to better results and a more enjoyable learning experience.
  • Is there a minimum commitment period for piano lessons?
    Our piano lessons run by term of 12 weeks, and we recommend committing for at least 3 terms in the space of 1 year to achieve optimal results. While there is no strict minimum commitment period, we encourage our students to commit to regular lessons over an extended period of time to ensure consistent progress and improvement. We have found that students who take lessons consistently over a longer period of time tend to have better outcomes and a more enjoyable learning experience.
  • Can I change the duration of the class or the number of classes per week?
    Certainly! At Musica Maestro, we understand that schedules can change and we are happy to accommodate any changes you may need to make. Whether you need to increase or decrease the duration of your lessons, or the number of lessons per week, we can update your schedule in our system and adjust the billing accordingly. We strive to provide the most flexible and accommodating learning experience for our students, and we are always open to feedback from parents and teachers to ensure that we are meeting their needs. So if you need to make any changes to your piano lessons, don't hesitate to let us know and we'll work with you to make it happen!
  • How can I keep track of all the sessions I had?
    You can easily keep track of your lessons by requesting a report from our admin. We use an advanced ERP software that keeps a detailed record of all of your sessions, so you can always know where you are in your musical journey. This makes it easy to stay organized and stay on top of your progress. So, if you ever have any questions or concerns about your lessons or your progress, don't hesitate to reach out to your teacher. We're always here to help you succeed.
  • Do you provide classes during term break and summer holidays?
    Yes, we offer sessions during term breaks and summer holidays. We understand that students may have more free time during these periods, and we want to make sure they can continue their progress. If you need to cancel a lesson during these weeks, simply inform your teacher. In fact, term breaks and summer holidays can be great opportunities to catch up on any missed lessons from previous terms. We're here to support your musical journey year-round!
  • What qualifications and experience do your instructors have?
    At Musica Maestro, we are proud to have a team of highly qualified and experienced instructors who are passionate about music and dedicated to helping students achieve their musical goals. Our teachers have obtained degrees in music from top universities and conservatories, and have extensive teaching experience with students of all ages and skill levels. For example, our CEO, Michele Gelmini graduated from one of Italy's best music conservatories the Luca Marenzio in Brescia. Our veteran staff member, Marina Muradian graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Piano and Music Pedagogy and has over 25 years of teaching experience. Gianluca Imperato, another member of our team, has won more than thirty prizes at prestigious international piano competitions and regularly performs at Europe's best-known institutions. We carefully select and train our team to ensure that they are knowledgeable, skilled, and equipped to provide exceptional private piano lessons, music theory, and exam preparation services to students of all ages, including children 5+ and adults. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, we are confident that our team has the expertise to help you achieve your musical goals.
  • Who do I contact if I have any questions?
    If you have any questions about Musica Maestro's piano lessons, there are a few different ways to get in touch with us. If you have questions about session cancellations, scheduling, exam or concert/recital participation, please reach out to your teacher directly. For all other inquiries, you can contact our Admin team. You can reach us on Whatsapp at 052 6500 564 or send us an email at We're always happy to help answer any questions you may have about our services.
  • Do you offer any other type of music training?
    In addition to piano lessons, at Musica Maestro, we offer music theory classes to help students understand the fundamental principles of music. We also provide exam preparation for the ABRSM and Trinity music exams. In addition, we offer training on music production and other music software. Contact us to discuss your specific interests and we'll be happy to assist you in any way we can!
  • Can I hire Musica Maestro for live music events and what is the process?
    Absolutely! Our team of professional musicians can be hired for live music events in Dubai and the surrounding areas. To request a quote or schedule a consultation, please contact us via email at or via phone or WhatsApp at 052 6500 564. Our team will work with you to determine your specific needs and preferences, and provide you with a customized quote for your event. We look forward to making your event a memorable one!
  • What age range of students do you teach?
    At Musica Maestro, we offer private piano lessons for students of all ages. Our expert team specialize in teaching children aged 5 and above as well as adults. We understand that everyone has their own learning pace and style, which is why we offer customized lesson plans tailored to meet the unique needs of each student.
  • How can I encourage my child to practice without directly asking them to do so?
    It's understandable that parents may have to remind their children to practice during the first few months of lessons. The most effective way to build good practice habits is to dedicate at least 5 minutes of practice time every day. It's important to build the habit of practicing regularly rather than for extended periods of time. Consistency is key when building skills and a passion for a music instrument. In fact, 5 minutes of practice per day is better than 1 hour once a week. Consistency and repetition are the secret to building skills and a love for music. Encourage your child to practice regularly, and make it a fun and enjoyable activity for them. As they progress and begin to see results, they'll likely develop a greater interest in practicing and playing the piano.
  • How do the most successful students practice according to Musica Maestro's experience of providing 30k+ classes?
    Our top-performing students at Musica Maestro have demonstrated consistent practice habits and dedication to their musical studies. They have never missed more than one week of sessions per term over the past three years, and they make it a priority to practice daily at a fixed time. Developing a daily practice routine is essential to achieving progress and mastery in playing the piano. At Musica Maestro, we encourage all of our students to establish a consistent practice schedule and to stick to it as much as possible.
  • Do organize any students' recitals?
    Certainly! At Musica Maestro, we believe in the importance of performance and provide opportunities for all our students to perform in front of an audience. We organize one Christmas concert and one recital at the start of summer before the summer holidays. All our students, whether young or adult, are encouraged to participate. It's a great way to showcase the progress they've made and to gain confidence in performing.
  • Can you help a student prepare for ABRSM and Trinity College exams?
    Yes, at Musica Maestro we prepare students for ABRSM and Trinity College exams for levels 1-8. Our experienced teachers have a proven track record of helping students achieve their best possible results. We provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to prepare them for the exams, and our curriculum is aligned with the requirements of these exams. In addition we also support with the admin work of registration.
  • What are the accepted method of payments?
    For your convenience, we accept a variety of payment methods, including major credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers. If you have any questions about payment methods or would like to discuss payment options further, please don't hesitate to contact us.
  • What happens if I have an emergency and I need to cancel my lesson?
    If you have an emergency and need to cancel your scheduled lesson, you can contact us to let us know and we will work with you to reschedule the session. We understand that unexpected events can occur and we are happy to be flexible and accommodating whenever possible. However, please note that cancelled lessons must be rescheduled within a 12-month period. This policy ensures that you have ample time to make up any missed sessions while still receiving the full value of your lesson package. We accept that the unexpected can happen and will do our best to find a solution that works for you.
  • What happens if I pay for monthly piano lessons but miss some classes during that month?
    If you have paid for a monthly installment but do not use all the classes, don't worry. Musica Maestro keeps track of all payments and sessions completed through our ERP system. If you have extra classes left due to public holidays, vacation breaks, or other reasons, we will stop the payment when you have an extra month paid. You can rest assured that your payment and unused classes will not go to waste.
  • Can I request a refund for my unused classes?
    If you would like to request a refund for any unused classes, simply send us an email at or a message on Whatsapp with your bank details. Refunds for unused classes will only be processed by bank transfer and typically take around two weeks to complete.
  • How much piano lessons cost?
    At Musica Maestro, we offer a bespoke approach that allow us to allocate the right teacher and the right teaching methodology to each student to help them achieve their goals. In addition, we offer different tier plans for piano lessons, each with its own set of benefits. Contact us to find out more.
  • Do you have a money back guarantee?
    If for any reasons you need to terminate your plan early we will refund the unused sessions, no questions asked. To initiate the refund process, please contact our admin team via email or WhatsApp.
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